HostNotion or Cloakist - A Hard Choice

HostNotion or Cloakist - A Hard Choice

Ah, the world of Notion tools! If you've been around the /r/notion and r/Notiontemplates/ subreddits as much as I have, you've probably heard whispers about custom domain tools for Notion. Today, we're diving into two of the big players: Cloakist and Hostnotion. And just like a pear tree in my backyard, there's more beneath the surface than you might think.

Cloakist: The Stylish Cloak for Your Notion Pages

Cloakist offers a platform to publish Notion pages under your own domain, giving you the power to customize branding. Think of it as giving your Notion page a tailored suit. You can adapt the branding with custom CSS and JavaScript, remove the default branding, and even add features like analytics and web chat.
The platform boasts a "more than a redirect, better than an iframe" approach. This means you can stay on your domain, change branding, make custom changes, and even link directly to specific pages. It's like having a pear that's both juicy and crunchy - the best of both worlds.

Hostnotion: Transforming Notion into Websites

Hostnotion, on the other hand, is all about transforming your Notion workspace into a public website, blog, or wiki. It's like turning your collection of handwritten pear recipes into a full-blown cookbook. With Hostnotion, you can own your content under your domain, ensuring visitors aren't redirected elsewhere. Plus, all the SEO benefits and traffic are yours to keep.
The beauty of Hostnotion lies in its simplicity. Need to fix a typo? Just edit within Notion, and voila, it's updated on your site. No more juggling between platforms. And if you're feeling fancy, you can customize fonts, add live chat, or integrate Google Analytics.
Personal Knowledge Management and Building a Second Brain
Both Cloakist and Hostnotion tap into the idea of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) or Building a Second Brain. Imagine your brain is a pear orchard. Each tree (or page in Notion) holds valuable fruit (knowledge). These tools help you organize, nurture, and showcase your orchard to the world.
Which One to Choose?
It's like choosing between two pear varieties. Both are delightful in their own right. If you're looking for extensive customization and branding options, Cloakist might be your pick. But if you want a straightforward way to turn your Notion pages into a website, Hostnotion could be the way to go.
Remember, just like pear farming, it's essential to choose the tool that aligns with your goals and needs. And while I might not have used these tools personally, the buzz in the Notion community is hard to ignore.