Benefits Policies

Notion Tip: Your wiki is a perfect place to not only describe benefits, but link out to all necessary info so your employees feel informed. Below, we've provided sample content and some recommendations!


  • Include a link to any sort of dashboard or enrollment system here.
  • Here's plan we offer - check out their full offerings.


  • If there's a list of in-network dentists, make it easy to access here.

Life Insurance

  • Are there specific dates when people need to enroll or re-enroll or elect new beneficiaries? Keep that info up to date. Whenever you change it, let everyone know.


  • Who handles your team's 401(k) accounts?


  • Are people eligible for a gym subsidy? Any special requirements? How much?
  • Are there any exceptions? I.e. maybe people can't use it to buy a Peloton... 😒
  • List of gyms near the office? Or even better, a Google Map of them!
    • Pro tip: Just type /google maps to embed a link to a map showing nearby gyms.


  • Do you offer any subsidies for people who pay to commute to work?
  • What types of transportation are eligible?
    • For each type, what's the amount of the subsidy?
  • Do you reimburse mileage? If so, by how much?
  • If you really want to go above and beyond, list out the best ways to get to the office from common locations people live! Link to transportation schedules.