Expense Policy

Notion Tip: Explain how employees can make these purchases, get reimbursed, and track all of their expenses. Highly recommend 👍


Notion Tip: Here's where you might outline the types of expenses that your company will reimburse. Maybe travel is the most common type of expense. Maybe people are taking clients out to dinner or sending gifts or throwing events. You want to explain what's standard for your company and the methods / software used to keep track of expenses and reimbursements.

Spending Limits

Notion Tip: It could be helpful to include a table showing the primary types of spending and what limits employees should observe.
Expense Limits 💸
Expenditure Type
Notion Tip: This section can also outline some key exceptions. Let's say someone needs to take a first class flight because they have a bad back, or someone needs to take a particularly high-caliber client out to a nice meal. What are those common edge cases? Make that clear here.

Non-Approved Expenses

Notion Tip: Unless you identify what people shouldn't be spending money on, don't be surprised if they do it. It's worth including a section that summarizes the expenses that won't be covered or reimbursed.

Pre-Approval Required

Notion Tip: There are probably a few high-ticket items that leadership should sign off on before purchases are just made willy nilly. Maybe sending cookies to people on their birthday just isn't in the cards for you right now. Or you want people to think before buying that mechanical bull for the office holiday party. You want to outline those occasions here.

Reporting Guidelines

Notion Tip: In order for your team to report their expenses correctly every month (which, believe us, will save you a massive amount of time), you want to be crystal clear about how they should do this. Here are the primary questions you want this section to answer directly:
  • How do employees get their expenses approved?
  • Who do they submit their expense reports to?
  • What do they need to submit in order to get reimbursed? Receipts? More info?
  • What are the deadlines? When do people need to get their reports in by?
  • What is the time frame for reimbursement? When can they expect to get their $$$?


Notion Tip: As you field inquiries (or as employees come to you with confusion in their eyes), document their questions here and be diligent about answering succinctly. The more you can tell people to consult this site instead of asking a human, the more time you all save.