Office Manual

Notion Tip: Consider creating one, central living document that codifies your company's office etiquette and norms. This can save new (and even existing employees) a lot of time and headaches getting oriented. Here's an example borrowed (partially) from the good people at Blendle who host their wiki on Notion.

Social Code

We expect you to foster a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment. You should avoid offending, participating in heated altercations and disrupting our workplace. We will not tolerate anyone intimidating, pestering, humiliating, victimizing or sabotaging others at this company. We also prohibit willful discrimination based on age, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, race, religion or disability. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives an indication, use your common sense.
Required Reading:


We have a semi-flex workspace. Some people like to sit at the same desk 80% of the time and switch after a few months when joining another team or because they want a different view. Most teams are clustered together, simply because it's handy when working together. So do whatever helps you focus, collaborate or brainstorm.


We don't like rules, but focus is important to finish tasks. You are the boss of your agenda and you are in charge of when you can be disturbed and when you can't. Headphones on = do not disturb. Simple, right? Try it out!


~12 o' clock, there is lunch in the kitchen, free of cost. Let the office manager know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.
What you can expect from lunch:
  • Healthy: We try to offer products that are not bad for you!
  • Enough for everyone: The goal is to have enough food for everyone. But sometimes we just run out of stock, bad luck... No worries, we will get some more next time.
  • Variety: Variation is good. But it's also good to keep some things special. Like luxury products or snacks, we order these occasionally. This should keep it special and within our budget.
  • If you have any food related suggestions, send them to the office manager!


We offer dinner to whoever is staying later than normal office hours. It doesn't matter what team you're on. If you're in the office during evening hours, you can order food from any delivery service. Please stay under $20 per dish and keep the receipt. Expense as normal.


  • We order snacks every Monday. Send the office manager any recommendations before her cutoff at 11 a.m. that day.
  • We have water, soda, beer and other fizzy drinks on a regular basis.
  • We provide fruit every day 🍇🍎🍊
  • We generally have yogurt, peanut butter, bread, nuts, and granola bars on hand, too.

Cleaning up

Even though we have a cleanup crew that comes in off hours, please keep the place picked up. Here are some good rules of thumb:
  • Rinse your own dishes and put them in the dishwasher.
  • Throw away your stuff. Don't leave garbage on your desk.
  • Clean the coffee machine if you're the last one to use it in the morning.
  • If you use a conference room, leave it the way you entered it.

Think environmental ♻️

  • Turn off lights if you're locking up at the end of the night.
  • Don't run the heating or air conditioning unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not waste paper and always recycle.
  • Compost your food! Do not just throw it in the trash.

Have questions?

Contact the office manager with any additional questions here: leslie@getacme.co.