Basic Grading Criteria:
  • First Setup/Onboarding: 2
    • Adding Favicon without needing to convert: 0
  • Guide/method for tracking analytics (visits): 2
    • Has Google analytics + Splitbee tracking.
  • Setup guide for custom domain: .5
  • Dark mode/theming: 0
  • ‘Wow’ factor: 0
Disclaimer - I’ve chatted extensively with the founder of this product, and dig the overall goals of this project. I feel strongly this is by far the most cost-effective product. However, I didn’t pull any punches. I also signed up + requested support under a different email to ensure quality testing.
Solid + simple homepage.
notion image
Follows my favourite design method - Show the before, show the after. Straight to the point.
notion image
We start with a sign-in, bit of a deterrent.
notion image
After using the magic link, this pops up on login. I think I would prefer this to be 1) a gif (it’s 40 seconds long) and 2) embedded in the page rather than a popup.
notion image
Solid landing page. Solid tables showing me what plan I’m on, and what benefits I get. Some are a bit vague, but I think that’s ok here. I would love a mouseover text (or ℹ️ icon) on things like Widgets and Navigation. (What are those?)
notion image
Time to add our site. This is a VERY small complaint, but I wish it just auto-lowercased my text rather than warning me about it.
notion image
notion image
We’re live!
Before we test, I will say - I like this left bar optionality.
However, at the time of testing, the Favicon upload function doesn’t work, and it falls a bit flat with appearance (no dark mode/options, you can only change the font)…but, for $5 a month, this is by far the best in its tier. (And better than most $10 options.)
Onto the testing:
notion image
And speed:
notion image
Pretty solid comparatively.
notion image
And finally, some pricing.
That’s the review!
Ultimately, I think this is the best SaaS option in terms of price and setup. It’s quick to use, requires minimal management, and costs only $5 for 1 site and 2 domains.

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